Construction Analytics

Progress and quality management

Construction Analytics

Progress and quality management

“With our dronetechnology we enable you to reduce errors, deficiencies and failures during the construction project.”

Founder – Martin Haurballe Niminski
Buildcode EN


Buildcode was founded after many thoughts about how quality assurement was done in the Danish construction industry. The first steps towards optimizing the tasks, was to get rid of paper and formating excisting templates into the digital world. Shortening procedures and automating generic templates showed that time could be saved on tedius tasks in relation to the organization of documents and their relations. Furthermore it showed that digital quality assurement, can be translated into data that can be communicated throughout the construction and knowledge based experience could be shared.

To further enhance the experience of quality assurance and how we interact with information in the construction fase and the bridge from Architectural ideas and Engineering solutions. The next step was to look into how we can transform Architectural models, timeschedules and costs estimates into manageble information in an already chaotic on-site environment. Todays solution relies on the shoulders of the construction managers, they are the everyday firemen on site. They work with paper and pen and need new technologies in order to deliver better quality and be better informed.


Data by Drones

We are working on providing indoor registrations by robots on the construction site, that we can combine with our outdoor drone registrations. That way you will be informed if inconsistencies between the projected and actual construction happen. This can also be used for preregistration purpose in regards to renovations in the early stage of a project. The technology is truly disruptive and we guarantee that there is no other solution on market that can compete.

Prefab Quality Assurance

Our equipment for monitoring the quality in fabrication facilities are entering prototype testing. In regards to this, we are looking for factories that needs help with automating their quality assurance and want to service their customers, with the ability to see excactly what’s in the finished product.


By connecting technologies, the collected data is processed in a knowledge databases and communicated back to our users, in order to minimize errors, deficiencies and failures.

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