Optimize construction processes

Sitemotion gives you a bird's-eye view for planning and following the construction process from design to execution. Our solution analyses data provided by reality capture to visualise what's different between your plans and the situation at the site, enabling you to detect discrepancies in a timely manner.

We use drones and 3D scanners to collect building data and process it to create an overview, which you then use to assure quality and reduce costs. You also get a meticulously detailed visualisation of everything that happened at the site, from start to handoff.


Point clouds produced by the reality capture are then used to form a base for optimisation and create a platform for client-contractor collaboration. Point clouds are also used to keep tabs on the progress, helping you spot inconsistencies and eliminate the risk of unnecessary redesign.

Builders and Contractors

Sitemotion's artificial intelligence continuously compares plan drawings and schedules to the reality of the construction site. It enables you to stay on top of your project and increase productivity, reducing amounts of wasted material and time spent in settling disputes. Using Sitemotion you get a vantage point on the construction progress, which helps you with completing projects with desired quality and within their time and budget limits.

Want accurate plan drawings for a renovation project? Use the Sitemotion reality scan module before starting to get a precise 3D scan of the entire building. The same scanning can also be used later for inventory and progress tracking later on.

Indoor scanning

Outdoor scanning


Sitemotion's web application lets you optimise management of construction processes by using real-time data from follow-up and quality assurance registrations. Collected data can be further used for visualisations of automated analysis of the construction progress, projected directly on your 3D BIM model.

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